Walmart affiliate program: $6000 Step-by-Step Guide

Walmart affiliate program

Walmart affiliate program

Now you are wondering what is Walmart affiliate program. Basically, we all know that Walmart is a large chain of stores that provides us with everything we need in daily life but have you thought that you also can achieve a monthly income of thousands of dollars from this large company by joining the Walmart affiliate program.

You will learn how much money you can expect to earn, how you can approach promoting the program, and also read a comparison with the Amazon Associates Program.

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What is the Walmart affiliate program?

It is a marketing program such as the Amazon and Click Ban program that allows you to obtain a marketing link and when one of your site visitors click on this link and go to the store and make a purchase, you get your commission.

In order to get accepted, you need to have a website. Your website should not promote sexually explicit material, illegal activities, etc. This is standard for all affiliate programs. If you have a normal website, you should be fine. You can read everything about the enrollment process in their terms and conditions.

When you are accepted you will be able to create your own affiliate links or get marketing banners for any product you choose and you will be also provided with data feeds with information about top-selling and exclusive products.

How can you join the Walmart affiliate program?

Joining the Walmart affiliate program is simple and very easy. The admission process only takes 24 hours or less It is absolutely free for anyone who wants to join it.

  • 1- First, go to the official website to submit the application form here
  • 2- click on the application link to sign-up for the affiliate membership.
  • 3- You will answer some easy questions such as the name, your website URL, and some other questions.

After you are done with the signup process, they will approve of you as their member shortly.

Then, they will provide you with different text links, as well as banner ads that you can post on your website.

Walmart affiliate program sing up

Walmart affiliate program sing up2

How much does the Walmart affiliate program pay?

I am completely convinced that you are the only one who determines how much money you will earn per month from the Walmart affiliate program. This depends on your site’s visitors and the number of website visitors. The more visitors to the site, the more clicks, and sales.

Walmart commissions vary according to the type of product, because each product has a fixed commission.

Walmart affiliate program commissions vary depending on the category. The commission rate for the majority of categories is 1% or 4%. Below you can look at the referral fee schedule.

Commission rates are obviously not very exciting. However, keep in mind that even though the commission rates are low, Walmart is a trusted, established company so if you promote the right product to the right audience, you should have quite a high conversion rate.

The program has a three-day referral window and last click credit policy. That means that if a visitor to your website clicks on your affiliate link but doesn’t buy the product and then the following day goes on the Internet, reads a review on a different website and clicks on their affiliate link and buys, you will not be eligible for commission as only the last click gets the credit.

How to make money with the Walmart affiliate program?

You are wondering now, how can I make thousands of dollars from the Walmart affiliate program, but let me answer that it is very simple, but it takes some work and effort from you.

First, you must choose a niche in order to market it, but now you were thinking about marketing all Walmart products, but this is very wrong, my friend, you should make your website specialize in only one niche so that it is easy for you to market products by search engines. Know people who have made thousands of dollars only From marketing a single product through search engines.

At the beginning of your business, you should look for low competition in order to be able to easily succeed and make a profit, and this is in all areas of work on the Internet, not only in the Walmart affiliate program.

You can more easily rank your product reviews for such products and at the same time, you have room for growth. Once you reach your earnings limit in one subcategory, or you have no more products to write reviews about, you can simply expand to another subcategory.

It’s therefore important that when you launch a new affiliate website you think long-term and that you think about later expansion.

And when choosing the niche that you will work with, you must choose a domain related to this niche so that customers can easily know your business.

If you want to earn a thousand dollars a month through the walmart affiliate program, you must choose the products that have a 4% commission.

Walmart’s affiliate program free tools.

Walmart affiliate program provide you some affiliate tools that make it easier to find Walmart’s deals, create links and banners right from or to place a ‘’Buy Now’’ button in your content.

Walmart has developed its own WordPress plugin which provides you with banners and links to Walmart products. The plugin also lets you create links to search pages which can be useful if you want to promote a particular brand or particular type of product and not a specific one.

Walmart Affiliates Ad Generator Chrome Extension:

The official Walmart Chrome extension is quite powerful as it allows you to generate links and banners while browsing This extension can save you a lot of time.

Walmart Deals Chrome Extension:

This chrome extension gives you easy access to Walmart’s special offers, bestsellers, clearance, and rollback deals. Unlike the Walmart official Chrome extension above, this extension is not connected to your affiliate account so you cannot create any links. This extension is only good for quick previews of Walmart’s offers.


Of course, the Walmart affiliate program are very profitable, and you can earn thousands of dollars from it every month.

There are other affiliate programs that have much higher commission rates and which do not require that much traffic to earn $ 1000 a month, even if the conversation rates are just 1-2%.

On the other hand, if you are in the position that you already have an established niche website with decent traffic, then trying the Walmart affiliate program is worth a shot.

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